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About the Course

This course is offered as an 8-hour training session.

Standard Course Length: 8 Hours   

Training Course Objectives:
Create competent personnel that can properly complete a PPAP submission
Support the PPAP training with a general understanding of the APQP process

Course Overview:

APQP and PPAP are not only commonly used, and required, in the Automotive Industry they also are  incorporated into customer specific requirements of ISO/TS 16949. 

The Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured process for improving the quality of processes, products, and the overall quality system. It is a method of determining project feasibility based on identified critical characteristics in part design weighed against manufacturing capabilities. Cross functional team input helps to eliminate the possibility of failures from the prototype phase through production launch.  

The APQP creates a systematic flow for defining key product or process characteristics. Once defined, the process is used to create (plan) internal controls over the identified key characteristics such that the manufacturing process actually creates 'planned for' quality, finished goods. The controls help to eliminate common conditions or errors that might increase the cost of manufacturing the product like rework, scrap, and down time. Low production costs and quality product equals satisfied customers. Achieving the 'plan' equals a satisfied boss as profits are generated as 'planned'. Get happier customers and a happier boss by attending this structured, hands-on training session with QAI.

If customer requirements dictate the use of APQP, then optimize your use of this important quality planning tool and get out of the rut of just going through the motions to meet customer requirements. Our workshop based training class is a well thought-out, easy-to-understand, hands-on training class that incorporates the ‘why do’ APQP with the ’how-to-do’  APQP and a PPAP. A start to finish case study with commonly used (sometimes required) forms are incorporated into the course.

Course design by experts: Course instruction by a practitioner.

In a fluid, 5-step, and well-executed APQP teaching sequence, students learn to make advanced planning for quality actually work. Industry standard forms and practices are incorporated into the lecture and workshop. Students conclude the class learning the PPAP process and how-to complete a PPAP. 

In the APQP course section, we’ll cover:

Plan and Define - (Set Goals)
Determine customer wants and needs:
Product Design and Development
Prototype Build
Targets/ Measurables:
Process Design and Development
Product and Process Validation
Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action
Inputs and Outputs

Production Part Approval Process

Knowing when to submit and what is necessary to submit for a PPAP are keys to getting funding released to your company. The PPAP class at QAI not only helps to teach HOW to create the PPAP package but also helps you to know WHEN it is necessary to do so or when it is necessary to insist on a price increase (re-bid) because increased customer wants that have turned into customer demands that are not documented in original contracts. 

Let our experts in PPAP help you:

            ·          Save money
·          Get your money faster
·          Increase the accuracy of submissions and re-submissions.

The training class follows the current and approved AIAG format that includes a hands-on, workshop approach to completing a PPAP submission.

The Course begins with detailed description of the complete PPAP process and the requirements for PPAP submissions at each different submission level. A workshop is started early in the course that becomes the foundation for the course and will lead to the course conclusion of a part submission package.  

The course provides the participant with the knowledge to complete the PPAP documents and prepare an appropriate PPAP package at the correct level for your business. Retention and storage requirements are discussed. The levels of PPAP will be discussed and the instructor (a practitioner) will answer questions regarding PPAP submission requirements.

Methods are discussed to help your company avoid specifications that keep creeping away from original contracts and/or to get reimbursed for changes that are at the insistence of the customer.

The APQP with PPAP training course introduces the FMEA, Control Plans, and SPC requirements and the associated relationships to APQP, but provides only a basic and cursory overview of these topics. Students should have some levels of familiarity with these topics to help maintain the flow of the class.

  • Anyone involved in the PPAP submissions processes.
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"Instructor very knowledgeable about auto industry/standards"
-Bill Phillips , Nov 2 2015

"It is a lot of information for one day of training."
-Howard Breiner , Nov 2 2015

"Provided a great overview of the process"
-John Brinkly , Nov 2 2015

"Class was helpful to further explain the acronyms of terms associated with subject matter."
-Arthur J. Davis II , Nov 2 2015

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