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ISO14001-2015 Champion QAI Training LLC
10 N. Van Buren Street Suite 100
P.O. Box 372
Nashville, IN 47448

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About the Course

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This program certified in the competency based training program
Students can earn the EMS competency credit

ISO14001-2015 Champion
Day One: 8a-5p, Day Two: 8a-3p


·         ISO14001-2015 EMS Standard - detailed overview.

·         Understanding the new High Level Structure os ISO systems

·         How the EMS should function within the business.

·         Risk analysis:  How risks impact the system and external partie

·         Aspects: What they are and how to identify them.  
- What are environmental aspects?
- Evaluating environmental aspects.
- Identifying legal and other requirements.

·         The role of top management in the in the EMS.

·         EMS Documented information:
- The policy statement.
- Requirements of the EMS policy manual.
- Processes, procedures

      - Examining the requirements for organizational structure and responsibility.
- EMS training requirements.

This 15-hour course is the first 15-hours of a QAI lead auditor course without the auditor practice training. The class is streamlined and focused on increasing your knowledge and understanding of the new 2015 revision at a comfortable pace that there is time for discussion of transition impact and planning for changes.


About the Course:


Champion training is designed for those team members that:

·         Were trained to the older 2004 version and need updated competencies and training

·         Will be responsible for the EMS system.

·         Will be responsible for maintenance of the EMS System.

·         Management representatives for the EMS program.

·         Those wanting to investigate implementing an ISO compliant EMS system.

Coverage includes a detailed review of the ISO14001-2015 standard, risk analysis, aspect analysis and an interpreting the requirements from an auditors perspective. The course is led with the guidance of certified auditors and course facilitators.


Course Agenda Day One

·         History of regulation and EMS.

·         Terms and definitions.

·         The ISO14001-2015 EMS standard.

Course Agenda Day Two

·         System Requirements

·         EMS Aspects:
- What are they?
- How to identify them.
- How to rate them.
- How to Monitor them.
- How they affect the EMS system.

·          The EMS  System Examination.

This course is a certified for EMS Competency unit credits in the TPECS competency based training program

·        Persons wanting to learn about the new ISO14001-2015 standard
·        EMS auditors that want upgrade training for ISO14001-2015 standard
·         Persons performing Environmental Management Systems Audits
·         Persons interested in becoming an EMS auditor
·        EMS Lead Auditors for the 2004 standard that want to upgrade
·         Any 2004 EMS Auditor that wants upgrade training
Management Representatives

·         EMS Team Members and Stakeholder

·         Managers and Business Owners

·         People investigating ISO140001 for their organization

·         Supplier auditors

·         Auditors that want to expand their audit scope to include EMS audits

·         Persons entrusted to investigate or implement ISO14001

·         People in organizations that are seeking to meet compliance obligations by having a 3rd party certified system

·         Persons interested in learning about Process Auditing

·         People that are seeking avenues to grow within their organization

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"Mike teaches with a down to earth approach that is easy to apply to business scenarios. He is thorough with the material and always makes sure a question is understood as well as the answer given. "
-Rita Lester , , Sep 19 2017

"This course was very informative, well put together and presented in an outstanding manner by the instructor, Mike "
-Gorden Glosser , , Sep 19 2017

"This course was key to me moving forward into ISO14001:2015 audits. "
-Troy Shady , , Sep 19 2017

"Very educational and the detail provided in the training materials and experience of the instructor have provided me with the knowledge beneficial to the transition challenges ahead of me."
-Robert Martin , , Sep 19 2017

"I enjoy the QAI method for training. The matrix approach is very helpful when utilizing in the workplace."
-Sarah Walton , Jul 27 2017

"Helpful class for auditing."
-Robert M. Driskell , Jul 25 2017

"This course is very helpful and after completion of this course it's effective for my work as an auditor."
-Abdullah Sayed , Jul 25 2017

"Very interactive class with real life examples that I can use in my company to uphold ISO14001."
-Leanne Paquette , Jun 27 2017

"I was impressed with the systematic, logical approach used to train our class on ISO14001:2015 requirements. Repetition of the standard using case studies helped increase my understanding of how to apply the standard."
-Belinda White , Apr 11 2017

"Very good course. Will assist in obtaining EMS certification."
-Mikle George , Apr 11 2017

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