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IATF 16949-2016 Internal Quality Auditor
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About the Course

IATF 16949 Internal Auditor w/ OEM Requirements and how-to-audit the Core Tools
3-day training course : 8a-5p daily

Includes a detailed review of ISO9001:2015 and the IATF 16949:2016 standards. Copies of each standard are also included with your registration fee.


  • Teach students a method that makes reading and understanding technical documents like the new IATF 16949-2016 easier.
  • Teach students to recognize when an application of the QMS is working and when it is not working
  • Understand the purpose of an IATF 16949 internal auditing that is based on the ISO 19011 auditing guidelines. 
  • Understand and learn to use the Process Approach including use of COPs, MOPs, Turtle Diagrams, and other industry specific techniques.
  • Know how to successfully perform a Process Audit.
  • Learn to interpret the standard from an auditor's point of view.
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for an internal audit so that you get results that prove that a process is working as intended or not.
  • Learn to follow the audit trail.
  • How to write nonconformance’s that are clear, easy to understand, and that can be acted upon.
  • Learn to be objective.
  • Practice auditing in a controlled classroom environment that helps learning to audit feel more comfortable
  • Develop audit skills so that students can immediately audit after the classroom experience is over. 
  • Execute quizzes, mini-exams, and demonstrable skills that students can earn a competency rating that deems them competent internal auditors. Many CB auditors-external auditors want students to have evidence that they were also tested in the class, QAI provides that opportunity in the class to all students.

    Students leave with audit experience. This training includes multiple hands-on, practice audit exercises that helps all levels of students, from beginners and intermediates to experienced person, get comfortable with the auditing process. 

    A progressive series of activities helps students become experienced auditors in a matter of three days. By the end of the session, each student will have participated in 4-6 practice audit sessions.  This provides the chance to improve with each experience so that when they return to the workplace they are ready to put their newly learned skills to work.   

About the course:

Upon completion of this class, you'll be ready for auditing your facility to the new automotive QMS.

The course starts with a detailed review of the new technical specification document IATF 16949-2016.  This is a clause-by-clause review so that students understand the complete set of requirements that impacts not only their audits but the QMS back at the facility.  Students will learn to use the training tool developed by QAI that makes breaking down and understanding technical documents into simple, easy method that can be used over and over again.  This valuable method makes it easy for people that don't audit all of the time to be able to pick up the standard at any time and read it like a pro.  It even helps them to explain the requirements to just about anyone in terms that anyone can understand.  

This critical review of the standard sets the baseline for the remainder of the classroom experience.  Along the way, we use case study examples that allow opportunity for students to practice applying what was just learned about the requirements to a case study example. Is it ok or is it a problem? It provides lots of discussion points and alternative points of views.  But, there is a right answer and we'll share it and help students to understand why. 

On day two, we cover the requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturers.  These are critical and required for Tier 2 and 3 Internal Auditors in the automotive industry.  Then we take a dive in to how-to-audit the core tools.   These are also critical and required since every customer requires them and they certainly impact and drive how production takes place.  In this part of the training, students practice applying the requirements of customers and core tools to case study examples. 

Finally, on day three, students start the training for how-to-conduct a process audit.  Process audits are required and have been around for a while, but they’re still not always understood by non-auditors.  We cover what is a process audit and how to know when it is being done properly.  This progressive set of activities will show students how to use common industry tools, like Turtle Diagrams, to help assure a good audit, meet requirements, but more importantly achieve results.  

We use an actual QMS documentation set that was designed by professional auditors so that students can practice audit.  This helps students understand how to ask questions, listen to the answers, and follow the audit/evidence trail.  The case study system helps students to learn and aids in the development of process auditing skills. 

Crafted just for the automotive industry, this course also includes OEM customer requirements and how-to-audit the Core Quality Tools.  An in depth look at the standard with emphasis on the interdependence of customer requirements and the core tools, makes this class stand "head and shoulders" above so called competitive classes.

The course is also available as affordable onsite training session

As always and with all QAI classes, students are taught by professional and internationally certified auditors.  QAI's instructors for the automotive industry classes receive special industry specific training several times each year.  Our students get experts that are current with this fast-paced, always improving industry. You'll get a trainer that is more than just familiar with the automotive industry; you'll get energetic, enthusiastic trainers that are "in the know" about the industry's QMS requirements. 
Course Agenda Day One

·         Introduction to IATF16949.

·         Course Objectives.

·         Overview of the IATF 16949.

·         Class Size Case Studies.

·         Group Size Case Studies.


Course Agenda Day Two

·         OEM Customer Requirements.

·         Customer Requirements and the relationships to the requirements of the standard

·         Describe how the Core Quality Tools are related to the requirements of the standard

·         The interdependent relationships of the Core Tools

·         How to process audit the core tools

·         APQP & Control Plans - How and what to audit

·         PPAP - How and what to audit

·         FMEA - How and what to audit

·         MSA-How and what to audit

·         SPC - How and what to audit

Course Agenda Day Three

·         Introduction to the Mechanics of Auditing.

·         How to Prepare for an Audit.

·          creating an audit plan

·         developing a list of prepared questions to ask

·         Practice Audit #1 - 3-way practice sessions.

·         Presenting Audit findings like a professional with supporting data.

·         Perform Second Process Audit Mock Audits - 3-way practice sessions.

·         Present Audit Findings - supporting the findings.

·         Writing audit nonconformance’s that are understandable and that can be acted upon
Successful completion of training: Students that successfully complete this course will pass a series of competency assessments, evaluations, and examinations that will lead to certification as a competent auditor.  


lPersons that will be auditing the new automotive QMS 

l Auditors taught by other training companies that weren't qualified to conduct training

lAnyone that needs training on how to audit the core tools

l Previously trained TS16949 auditors that need update training



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"Came in without any knowledge and am now very comfortable with the material"
-Arcadia Vella , , Jun 22 2018

"Very good class. I learned so much. The instructor was great! Would recommend this class."
-Terri Wilson , , May 9 2018

"Nick was an amazing instructor. The class was informative and the flow of information was smooth."
-Serra Borneman , , May 9 2018

"Instructor kept the class lively and engaging. There was a LOT of material presented very effectively and efficiently. Adequate breaks, manageable work sessions."
-Robert Bump , , May 9 2018

"Great overview and very nice background. Can use the knowledge for all future audits. Continuing to learn and review the data will help me to become a great auditor."
-Cheryl LaBarre , , May 9 2018

"Good material and instruction. This is my second course taught by Nick, and his style and knowledge for presenting is great."
-Casey Weaver , , May 9 2018

"Ron kept the course interesting and encouraged participation. Performing actual audit of a hypothetical company with each other in different roles pulled everything together."
-Kevin Grover , , Mar 15 2018

"This class was very helpful and in my opinion better than my first auditor training from a different organization."
-Kasi Holsapple , , Mar 15 2018

"Absolutely necessary for newbies!"
-Venkatesh Vadlamani , , Mar 15 2018

"Class was informative and can be a little intimidating with no prior experience, but the instructor is informative and the material is loaded with helpful information."
-Justin Johnson , , Mar 8 2018

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