8D Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis
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About the Product

This video training program is available for puchase and instant access at QAI’s on-demand video training website.  www.online.trainingforQuality.com


About the video training program:
-Includes certificate
-Acess to 8D training video
-Printable student case study book
-Access to QAI video case study
-Access to Presentation Slide deck

Estimated training time 60-120 minutes depending on user

The Eight Discipline approach is a team based problem solving system. This structured methodology is based on the following disciplines which are available to be viewed in modules on the Problem Solving training program.

·         Establish the team

1.     Why a diverse team approach is critical to corrective action versus correction

·         Describe the problem

2.     Precisely defining a problem  that contains just one problem

·         Develop an interim containment action

3.     Protect the customer and yourself from your undesirable effect

·         Define/verify the root cause

4.     How to use quality tools to funnel down the trivial many to the vital few

·         Select and verify the permanent corrective action

5.     Be sure that corrective action has been made and not correction. Define an escape point.

·         Implement/validate the permanent corrective action

6.     Validate that the solution works.

·         Prevent recurrence

7.     Test the escape point

·         Recognize the team

8.     Find tomorrow’s leaders today

Also, available in Training Kits: Now you can buy the QAI Problem Solving training kit which includes the DVD video training, instructors answer key, student workbooks, accessible QAI Problem Solving Video Case Study, and QAI presentation material so that you can train others how to use this eight discipline approach to solving change induced problems.  The workbooks provide students the chance to get to the root cause of an actual problem that may feel a little too real for most organizations.

Students will have the chance to use Quality Tools to filter out the trivial many possible causes in order to get to the vital few. As instructor, you get the chance to show how one tool might work in on instance but may only lead us to the next place in another instance.

This video training program is available for puchase and instant access at QAI’s on-demand video training website.  www.online.trainingforQuality.com

Persons or organizations that use 8D Problem Solving
Persons attempting to implement a systematic means to solving problems companywide
Persons wanting to learn an effective method to solve change induced problems
Problem Solving team members
Training Managers
Training Managers looking for complementary material for in-house programs
Any organization that repetitively solves problems
Organizations that use the multi-disciplinary team approach to solving problems
Anyone with problems that were caused by some unknown change

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